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N.Y. Bullied Bus Monitor Meets the Man Behind the Donations.
Bullied bus monitor from New York gets a kind gesture from a Max Sidorov, a Toronto man who decided to do something more.

Bullied bus monitor thanks man who set up online fundraiser that earned nearly $700G.
The bullied New York bus monitor has thanked the Canadian man Max Sidorov who helped raise nearly $700,000 online for her.

The moment bullied bus monitor, 68, meets mysterious benefactor behind donation site that brought her $661,000 (and counting)
The bullied bus monitor whose story has swept the nation has finally met Max Sidorov, the anonymous benefactor behind the $661,000 she's received since being taunted by four seventh-grade boys.

Bullied bus monitor gets $700k raised by Toronto man.
The funds were presented by Max Sidorov, a 25-year-old nutritionist who felt compelled to help Klein after watching a video of her fielding profane taunts and outright threats from a group of middle school students during a bus run last June.

Middle schoolers bully bus monitor, 68, with stream of profanity, jeers
A profanity-laced video of middle school students in upstate New York verbally abusing a bus monitor is sparking an outpouring of support as strangers worldwide rally to her side.

Donations to support bullied bus monitor top $330,000
Max Sidorov watched the YouTube video of a bus monitor being bullied by middle school students. Like many he was moved to do more.

Bullied NY bus monitor Karen Klein calling it quits
The bullied bus monitor made famous by a viral video is calling it quits after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from a campaign started by Max Sidorov.

Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein meets benefactor
Nearly $700,000 has been donated to a website for Karen Klein. The 68-year-old has now met Max Sidorov, the man from Canada who set up that site.

Fund for bullied New York grandmother tops $330k... and rising
A fund set up for an upstate New York grandmother has taken in more than $330,000 in just over 24 hours after a video showing her being bullied by middle schoolers on a school bus went viral on the Internet.

Empathy Gone Viral: The Case of Max Sidorov And Karen Klein
Last week, when a video of the now infamous instance of bullying Karen Klein went viral, hundreds of thousands of people across America—and even the world—were exposed to the unsettling footage of a handful of teenage boys harassing the harmless 68-year old bus monitor.

Bus monitor Karen Klein gets viral abuse video cash fund
A school bus monitor verbally abused by New York students has seen an internet campaign started by Max Sidorov to send her on holiday raise more than $500,000 (£321,000).

Taunted N.Y. bus monitor to meet her benefactor
School bus monitor Karen Klein, who endured relentless taunting by a group of students, will soon meet face-to-face with the Toronto nutritionist Max Sidorov who started up a fundraising campaign that's raised more than $655,000 since last week to send her on the vacation of her life.

Donations for bus monitor near $600,000
Max Sidorov, who created an online donation site for verbally abused bus monitor Karen Klein, joins MSNBC to talk about the amazing success of the project.

Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein receives $700,000 cheque in Toronto
Canadian do-gooder Max Sidorov started a campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo with hopes of sending Klein on vacation. He set a goal of $5000, but the link was passed around until more than 32,000 people from 84 countries backed the project. The final amount raised: $703,168.

For Bullied Bus Monitor, a Windfall to Ease the Pain
About $600,000 has been raised online this week for a 68-year-old school bus monitor from upstate New York after a cellphone video showing a group of boys on the bus brutally taunting her spread quickly on the Internet.

Online donations to bullied bus monitor Karen Klein top $540,000
Max Sidorov, the young man who started the fundraising campaign on Wednesday morning, was hoping to raise $5,000 for Klein, but that was peanuts for you. You blew past that number in just five hours.

Max Sidorov, Man Behind Bullied Bus Monitor Fund, Launches '7 Million Acts of Love' Campaign
Max Sidorov showed the world how love can triumph over senseless hate after he helped raise more than $700000 for a tormented bus monitor.